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Seasonal Anime Reviews: Summer 2013

Just let this be a reminder to anyone who had to waste their time on Oreimo. I'm not gonna feel sorry for you. I'm just glad I bailed on this otakubait trash when I did. Seriously, fuck you, Oreimo!

SEASONAL THOUGHTS: Much to my surprise, this Summer turned out to be better than expected. The shows I expected to be good were good, and there were a couple underdogs here and there. Still had its downsides though in that there weren't anything interesting in the shows that I didn't watch. I would say it's about as good as Spring.

All the weights Seira lifts won't change the fact that your body looks like a CLAMP bobble head.

IL SOLE PENETRA DE ILLUSIONI ~ Day Break Illusion (Gen'ei wo Kakeru Taiyou)

You know, I don't watch many magical girl shows. Matter of fact, I actually decided to change my mind about not watching Madoka Magica. That aside, this show here has no excuse to attempt to build off of its success rather than try to make an interesting story with interesting characters. Really, each episode was pretty boring. It didn't even bother to make me care about what's going on in the show itself. I should have known there'd be something wrong when someone on the staff also did the series composition for Henneko. For shame. [SCORE: 5.5]

I know, right? Most of the anime nowadays are all garbage that's pandering to some pretentious shithead fanbase.


At first, I didn't expect to actually enjoy this series as much as I did. I was iffy on it at first, but it grew on me eventually, The comedy works very well and it succeeds most of the time, but about two-thirds into an episode, it sometimes started to get a bit stale. I actually wonder to myself when's the episode gonna end rather than what's actually happening in the show itself. But that was a problem that was resolved over time. Also, I kinda sorta identified with Tomoko and her, umissues. Then again, I went to a small high school where everyone is popular. Still kinda felt sad for her sometimes. This show tends to go from being hilarious to depressing to hilariously depressing. [SCORE: 7.5]

What, and go through all this Endless Eight nonsense again? And again? And again? And again? And again? And aga-OK, you get the idea.


Don't let the fact the main character looks like she was taken from some moeblob anime fool you, although that might be a serious issue considering the setting. There's a pretty strong story present here, even for a light novel-based adaptation, but the moe-esque aspects tend to bring its potential down. The fact that Ai acts a bit too cutesy in such a setting clashes with each other very weirdly that I can only give it points for its setting. The first several episodes were a strong showing with lots of emotion put into, but it started to lose my interest a bit after awhile. Still a decent watch. [SCORE: 7.5]

Yep, eggs apparently come from a chicken's anus. No way am I ever eating eggs


I think I can learn alot more from an anime about farming than some swimming anime that looks like it's aimed at fujoshi-pigs. Speaking of pigs, I never thought I would have the feels for a pig that's soon to become bacon. I don't think I'll ever be able to look at meat the same way ever again, but I think eating it is still fine, though. To be continued until next winter. [SCORE: 7.5]

"In other words, embrace whatever lolicon fetish you have. Just don't touch them."

See what I mean? Everyone went strange!


Well, I was kinda on the fence with this one since I thought the previous two seasons were okay. But I still see it as a way to kill three minutes. The gags seemed more fresh due to the fact that the police seemed more competent. Yeah, they arrested some other creep who actually was a creep this time. Speaking of which, is it just me, or do some of the characters now seem a bitweird? [SCORE: 7]

Seems Hajime has taken pointers of superheroism from Tony Stark, particularly the part where you reveal your secret identity to everybody.


It's pretty much clear to anyone following this before it started airing that this is only related to Science Ninja Team Gatchaman in name only, but any knowledge isn't really necessary for this. I figured that this and/or Symphogear G would be the one shows to keep the Summer anime season from being boringand I was right. This is the kind of show to awaken the inner sentai geek in me. It's cliched and cheesy as all get out, but maybe that's the charm of it. Love the characters (Trying to write this without fangasming over Hajime is kinda a challenge), I love the music (Taku Iwasaku ), love the design (As expected of Kenji Nakamura). Short answer: I fucking love this entire show. Although the ending was pretty lacking in closure, which is pretty much my only real complaint. it's pretty the most fun I've had all season, if not the year. [SCORE: 8.5]

What? Genjuurou isn't allowed to sing?


Talk about a surprisingly improved sequel. If you recall last winter, I thought Symphogear was an okay watch, but had alot of untapped potential. Here in Symphogear G, there's a better story, better character development, and better action overall. And I don't really care if the songs are there to sell CDs; they can get pretty fun to listen to. I'm not sure if it was this season itself or maybe I had a change of heart, but I enjoyed it alot more than other shows this season.Good effort from Satelight this time around. [SCORE: 7.5]

So I'd bet Monokuma read enough TV Tropes pages to know what not to read.


Despite this show's premise kinda reminding me of what would happen if you throw Future Diary and Ace Attorney into a high school setting, this show can only expect me to actually care for only a few of the 15 students in the span of 13 episodes. Not to mention some of their outlandish character designs. You will not believe that Street Fighter-looking bodybuilder is actually a female. And I thought that utilizing the visual novel interface was a nifty design choice at first, but then it seemed rather distracting and kinda lazy on the animators' part. Also, I'd hate to be the kid who used to own that teddy bear. [SCORE: 7]

On that day, mankind received a grim reminder that*snicker*We lived in fear ofHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! How am I supposed to take this seriously?


"Go watch Attack on Titan," they said. "It'll be anime of the year," they said. Yeah, rightThis show honestly isn't that as great as everyone hyped it to be, and I'm glad I didn't fall for the hype, like any other fool. Sure, the action and animation is most impressive and the first opening theme is so fucking epic, it's the next Guile's theme (). But when I look beyond all the aesthetics, everything else seems lacking. There are obvious presentation issues and sub-par story and character development: Eren's nothing more than your typical shonen protagonist, only much more obnoxious and annoying (Thanks a lot, Yuuki Kaji). Also, Mikasa's okay, but she's overrated; and she seems kinda Mary Sue-ish in my opinion. The plot is basic, and the plot twists are more predictable than surprising. That little surprise where Eren supposedly died but came back as a Titan? Not only did I see that coming, but it's poorly executed that there's almost no legit explanation. Just another show that was hyped to Hell and didn't do much to answer up to it, as I expected, but at least it had more substance than Guilty Crown and wasn't a crashed plane with no survivors like Sword Art Online. [SCORE: 7.5]

I think the GDF has been stealing technology from Dr. Evil. That can explain why this booster looks so phallic.


So, last spring, I was pretty much in the "Yay, mecha and space battles" phase. And that's basically the only thing Majestic Prince has going. There is some pretty good battles, but everything outside of the cockpit is really dumb and uninteresting. At least things became less boring when a Sixth Ranger was added to Team Rabbits. Really, this is another case of a pretty weak series where the saving grace of the final few episodes keep it from being any more mediocre. Majestic Prince had the potential to be something at least decent, but it just never achieved it. [SCORE: 6]

In case you've haven't realized by now, I'm making Gogoat my main Grass-type in Pokemon Y. It's a Pokemon you can ride on, and can even JUMP OVER ledges!! How awesome is that?


OK, I know I didn't follow through with covering this as much as I wanted to. But I thought Episode N and Decolora Adventure were pretty lacking. I'm not sure if it was because Generation VI is coming alot sooner than expected, but I'd kinda wish that the Team Plasma arc would've been better. I was glad to see Ash's Charizard back, although that thing with Ash's Butterfree possibly coming back was a freaking cocktease. good to see Generation VI Pokemon. Hopefully it's a taste of what's to come in Pokemon XY. [SCORE: 8 (SEASON 2), 7.5 (EPISODE N), 7 (DECOLORA ADVENTURE)]



* BEST TV ANIME RUNNER-UPS: Symphogear G, Watamote

* BEST TV ANIME SO FAR: Silver Spoon


* WORST TV ANIME OF THIS SEASON: Let's be honest. I don't need to watch the Oreimo 2 specials to know they're about as bad as Sword Art Online. It deserves to be here. Again.

* WORST TV ANIME RUNNER-UP: Day Break Illusion


* "Eiyuu Koji" by Hideo Ishikawa and Aoi Yuuki (Symphogear G IN)

* "Bye-Bye Lullaby" by Ayahi Takagaki (Symphogear G IN)

* "Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!" by Konomi Suzuki 'n King of Akiba (Watamote OP)

* "Dou Kangaete mo Watashi wa Warukunai" by Izumi Kitta (Watamote ED)

* "Crowds" by White Ash (Gatchaman Crowds OP)

* "Innocent Note" by Maaya Uchida (Gatchaman Crowds ED)

* "Never Say Never" by Takada Masafumi (Danganronpa OP)

NEXT SEASON PREVIEW: Well, Toriko's still going strong into the next season. Aside from that, we have Kyoukai no Kanata (A KyoAni show that doesn't look like moeblob garbage? Please?), BlazBlue, Alter Memory, Kill la Kill, Log Horizon, (Or as I like to call it not-Sword Art Online) Pokemon: The Origin (Why the hell isn't this a TV series?), Samurai Flamenco and Kyousougiga (TV). Meanwhile, we also have continuations in the form of Pokemon the Series XY, Valvrave the Liberator 2nd Season, Freezing Vibration, Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle 3, and (undeservingly) Infinite Stratos 2.
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