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Anime Mondays #31

I believe this was a week of fucked up shows.Now, you guys know how much I love my fucked up anime.I mean, hello, three of my favorite shows of all time belong to the genre I like to refer to merely as "psychological fucked up shows."(For those of you wondering, these shows are REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA, MADOKA MAGICA, and MAWARU PENGUINDRUM.)But, I think I took the cake this week for the shows I chose to watch, and I didn't even re-watch any of my favorites.And I have now learned that sometimes "fucked up" is not as great as I'd like it to be.

All images are from , and there are spoilers below up to the episodes listed!


So, I was in the mood to watch something light where I wouldn't have to think too much, and I pulled out this gem of a reverse harem show.It's kind of sexist in a way -- a group of hot guys have to teach this girl obsessed with horror movies and death to be a proper lady or their landlady will put them in the poor house -- but at the same time, it's pretty hysterical.Plus, the girl who needs to be trained reminds me of myself.Goddamn it, you can be goth and girly at the same time, though, hello, just look at some of the side characters, including the goth-loli trio who annoy the hell out of everyone.True to form, however, I can't remember a damn thing about the episodes I actually watched because I was doing something else at the time.This show is funny as a whole, however, so I'm not dismissing it; it's just taking a really long time for me to finish, seeing as I started it over a year ago.


I wrote on twitter the other day that all I want out of life is a boyfriend who'll watch POKEMON with me and not rip on me.It's okay if he rips on the show just not me.I mean, is this possible?We can watch other stuff, too.I'll sit through Star Trek, or something shit.I like to watch this when I want to turn my brain off and don't need to focus on things like plot or characters for too long plus it's cute.I like cute things.So sue me.One of my goals in life is to watch every POKEMON episode ever made, but seeing as I have the first three seasons and I've only watched 13 episodes in the course of about six months I guess I'm not doing too well.I actually remembered one of these episodes from when I was a kid, the one where the gang goes to that weird scientist's house who is trapped in some kind of extinct pokemon shell let's just say this anime does not age well, even with the nostalgia factor.


Um .the few words I have to say about this episode can pretty much be summed up with the following: what in the actual fuck just happened???Really?REALLY?After last week when I said I didn't want anyone else to die and what did they do?PRACTICALLY EVERYBODY DIES.I can't handle Eren getting eaten one more freaking time.Leave this poor dude alone.I can't take Misaki breaking the hell down because she watched the love of her life get chomped on by that bitchy blonde titan.I just ugh.What are they going to do to wrap this up?I'm so into this show, and it hurts.I want to marathon it, but I can't wait that long.What are you doing to me, ATTACK ON TITAN?Just sit down for a second, and stop being so awesome.


For some reason, I forgot where I was in this show, and since MAL was down, I accidentally rewatched episode 3 but I got 4 in there, so I guess it wasn't a total wash.I now understand what people were saying at the beginning of this series about the cringe factor.It's becoming really difficult to watch.Like, I just want to see this girl make a friend so badly, and she's so awkward that she just can't.I feel bad for the one friend she has because she's put in these awkward situations like being forced to go with to buy underwear.Just man.Someone throw this girl a bone.


Here's where the fucked up shows begin.I really wanted to like this.I really did.And if it were for the fucked up factor alone, I would have.But, I tried to get a plot out of this.I tried to figure out some motivation for the characters' actions.Hell, I tried to remember the names of the characters and I've got nothing.The last time I watched this, I made a mental note that I would have to re-watch it just because I had no idea what was going on.However, I watched it all the way through to the end and actually paid attention.They explained the entire backstory and the plot.I still couldn't get it.The last few episodes just became this ridiculous, giant bloodbath, and while that's all well and good in slasher films that don't even claim to have a plot, I just found the whole thing lacking here.If this show had not tried to be some kind of psychological mystery horror show, and instead was just some kind of hack and slash anime, I could have gotten behind it more.Watch the death scenes on youtube, if that's your thing.Don't bother with the rest of this show, as it doesn't bother with the viewer so why should you put out the effort to care?Also, the little bonus episode was pointless.Don't even bother watching it if you bought the DVD set.I ranked this 7/10 on MAL for the fucked up death scenes now that I think about it, I should have gone down another point, but the dub was good, so I'll stick by this ranking.


Unfortunately, this show is turning into what I hoped it wouldn't: a gigantic fanservice mess.I did actually laugh out loud at one point, but that was completely the blonde girl's fault.I think she said something like, "What a shitty game!" and I just lost it.But the fake dating sims are becoming the best part about this series and that's pretty sad.Come on, HAGANAI, get better.This is why you don't have many friends.


Really?This is a reality show?I mean I should have seen it coming.That makes pretty much all the plot twists plausible.But I don't like it.It feels like a cop out to me to say, well, this whole high school is just a television show.However, it does give some credibility to my hypothesis that everyone is still alive after they "die."And did you see the ending credits?All the characters were in the shot now.It didn't matter if they were dead or alive, they were in that shot.I hope it wasn't just a mistake or the animators being lazy I hope that means I'm right.There won't be any more deaths, but the plot is going to wrap up in the next few episodes I just want to know what's actually happening already.


Here we go, guys, this is the fucked up show I'm currently obsessed with.My limited edition boxed set shipped early, so I pretty much marathoned most of part one on Saturday.But, first, can I just say, the limited edition bonus item valentines?Seriously?I couldn't get a keychain or something?Or maybe a box where the corner wasn't all fucked up?Anyway, this show is gold.It's so messed up.Yuki is not as worthless as I pegged him to be in the first episode, and Yuno holy crap.This girl is psychotic.I pretty much love her.She loves Yuki so much that she literally kills for him.And he's so disgusted by it, but he feels like he has to use her to stay alive, but then maybe, just maybe, he has some kind of feelings for her man.You know how I liked SWORD ART ONLINE because of the romance?Well, this is pretty much the antithesis of that, but it's really freaking epic.Also, the dub is awesome.I love Ian Sinclair.He plays a weird character called The 12th, and I heard him speak and was like, "Excalibur from SOUL EATER!He's going to California!"It was so great.The girl who plays The 4th, she was also Ringo from PENGUINDRUM, so clearly, she's a pro at playing these fucked up characters.I love, love, love this show.I just am really broke and can't afford to buy part two right now, so I'm hoping it's up on the Funimation Channel by the time I finish with the set.Come on, guys, throw me a bone here, I stood by you through all that Roku downtime

Best of the Week:


Hope it Gets Better: HAGANAI, ANOTHER

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