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Hello my lovelies~!

So it was requested bythat i make a post about my favourite animes! Obviously, i can't choose a top 5 or whatever, so i'm just going to name a few. Watching anime is one of my favourite things to do, so naturally you can imagine it was bloody hard to pick the best ones!


Genre: Action, Psychological, Romance, Supernatural, Survival Horror, Suspense

Basically, it's about this pussy of a guy called Yukkiteru and because he's a loner - he keeps a diary on his phone of everything going on around him (he obviously has nothing better to do). He has this imaginary friend called Deus, and he's the God of space and time. But it turns out, he's not imaginary at all! DUNDUNDUN.So, Yukkiteru becomes a "diary holder" along with other people who keep different kinds of diaries, and using their diaries they have to find out eachother's identity and kill eachother. The last one standing will become the new God of time and space (as Deus of dying).

There are some crazy characters. My favourite character is Yuno, another diary holder. She is a bat-shit crazy yandere who is obsessed with Yuki and her diary is the "Yukkiteru diary". Weird, right? She has a really crazy past and tendencies to go mental.. but in the end, you just love her!

Storyline = 4/5 The story for this anime is really well thought out, and there are some amazing twists and turns!! However, sometimes i did get confused because there was a lot going on in different worlds (hohoho spoilers).

Characters = 4/5 I guess the main character is a little cliche, as he's the typical shy, awkward and scaredy cat boy who needs to find the will to fight.. But other than that, all the characters are just amazing and there's such a variety!

Animation = 5/5 I can't fault the animation at all. It was so smooth and crisp, during the fight scenes and sad moments too. AHH It was just amazing!


Genre: Comedy, Slice of Life

Holy shit, Watamote is one of my favourite ongoing animes at the moment. It's about this girl called Tomoko who strives to be popular. She wants to get noticed by guys and get boyfriends, be super popular, look hot and just have a good time! However, she is a social reject and can't speak normally with people, can't interact with other..human beings, haha. This anime is about her journey to social success.

This anime has a reputation for being "too real". Tomoko literally says everything you're thinking.. Like how certain girls look slutty or fat, or how that guy looks hot and she even plays dating sim games. This anime REALLY hit home for me because i did get bullied quite a bit on high school and didn't have many friends, so i can really relate to a lot of the topics that arise in this show - it made me cry, lol.

Each episode is Tomoko attempting to become popular in a different way. One focuses on her changing her image to get noticed, and another focuses on her trying to boost her hobbies and skills.

Storyline = 5/5 You may be thinking that this storyline sounds a little cliche - "A girl who wants to be popular". But it involves so many realistic and hard-hitting topics to make you laugh and cry, that it's just freaking awesome.

Characters = 4/5 I'm only giving the characters a 4/5 because, there is only one main character and this whole anime revolves around her. Her persona is just hilarious, don't get me wrong! However, this anime hasn't really touched on any character development from other people yet - except her younger brother..but that's not much.

Animation = 5/5 Again, the animation is flawless. To be honest, there isn't any crazy action scenes or blood splatters.. but for what it is, it's really good!


Genre: Action, Adventure. Comedy-drama

One Piece is about a teenage guy called Monkey D. Luffy, or Luffy for short, who wants to become "King of the Pirates". To claim the title "King", he needs to go on a long-ass journey to find this special treasure called the "One Piece", which was buried by the last King of the Pirates. So, overtime he forms a crew, consisting of some crazy-ass people, and sets sail as the Straw Hat Pirates!! There are special fruits out there called "Devil Fruits" and when you eat them, you recieve a power of the devil fruit. Luffy ate one as a child, and has the Gum-Gum Power, meaning he can stretch his limbs/skin etc.. HE'S A RUBBER GUY!

One Piece is the most popular anime and manga in Japan, of ALL time.. and now i can see why. It took about a year to persuade me to watch One Piece, because of the sheer number of episodes and the storyline just didn't appeal to me. However, I WAS SO WRONG.

One Piece is literally, one of the bloody longest anime/manga i have EVER seen. The anime so far consists of 610 episodes and i'm only in the 100's... But it's such a feel-good anime that you can just watch whenever you want and don't have to worry.

Storyline = 4/5 I'm going to give it a 4 because the story didn't appeal to me at all. When i heard it was about pirates, i was just like "nah ah", therefore it took me very long to be persuaded into watching this. However, it's actually really great and they put a nice modern swing on it. Also, there is quite a lot of filler in this anime so i would suggest looking them up on forum websites to check which episodes to skip...that's such a pain in the bum.

Characters = 5/5 There characters in One Piece has such amazing backstories, it makes you want to laugh and cry! Each person is really well developed, sometimes taking a few episodes, but it's so worth it.

Animation = 4/5 One Piece started airing in the 1990's, so obviously there's going to be some animation slip ups to begin with, and some things look a bit iffy. But as time progresses and it becomes more recent, the animation is just great!

And last but not least...


Genre: Dark Fantasy, Tragedy, Dystopia, Action

OH MY GOD, OKAY. I love Attack On Titan - it's my favourite anime of all time right now. I make reactions to it every weekend on my Youtube channel and i fangirl for days.

Attack On Titan follows main character Eren Jaeger, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman and their best friend Armin Arlet, in the hope of saving humanity. Their community live inside 3 layers of walls, to protect them from Titans (giants) invading their shit. But one day, a huge ass 60 meter Colossuss Titan smashes through the wall, letting other titans inside the villages, and causes havoc. Immense amount of people start getting eaten and killed, including Eren's mother, so he joins the Survey Corpse (our equivalent to the military), along with Mikasa and Armin, in order to kill all the titans and avenge his mothers death!!! It's all very fabulous!

It's just so sad because the boys discuss their dreams of adventuring outside of walls and exploring the sea, and mountains etc... then the titans come along and fuck everything up.

This anime keeps me on the edge of my seat, every single freaking week and i absolutely love it. It's like no other anime i've ever watched as the whole concept of giants, has never been done before in anime history (apparently, anyway). Also, the opening for Shingeki are the best openings you will ever watch. The animation is so amazing and the songs are just orgasms for your ears. The soundtracks played throughout the anime are amazing and will eargasm.

Storyline = 5/5 As i just said, this whole concept is incredibly original and has never been done before.

Characters = 5/5 These characters are some of the most amazing and developed ones i've ever been graced with. Eren, and Mikasa in particular, have such crazy pasts.. I wanted to cry, oh my goodness.

Animation = 5/5 Attack On Titan has the BEST animation i have EVER seen in any anime, in my entire life. The fighting and action scenes are executed beautifully and everything is just flawless. Even when they're crying, you can see all the emotion and ahh.. *tears up*

So i hope you got a little taster of some of my favourite anime shows, and you never know.. you might end up loving them too! If i would recommend any series in particular out of them lot, i would suggest watching Attack On Titan. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT!
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