Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Anime!

Recently I've started & finished a lot of anime's. Here's a few.

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary):

Supernatural, Romance, Psychological, Action - make for an amazing anime. With the twists and turns, character development, and plot Future Diary had this anime had potential. Many people believe it didn't live up to it. They think the ending was good enough, there were plot holes, or it flat out 'wasn't good.' In my opinion, they're all wrong. Mirai Nikki had no plot holes, very few flaws (if any) and from episode one to Redial it held my attention more than any anime I've ever seen. Every episode drew me further into the story. Every unseen twist had me begging for explanations. I was always a little bit confused but more so intrigued. I couldn't ask for more in an anime. One of my new favorites.

Eureka Seven AO:

I am currently on episode 8 of this anime, it it an extremely intriguing mecha anime. I have put it on hold for now to start the first series titled: Eureka Seven. The first series tells the romantic story of Eureka and Renton and the Nirvash piloted by Eureka and the strange events that take place around them.AO tells the story of her son who also becomes a pilot of the Nirvash.


As I said in the previous post, the most amazing anime I've ever seen .

Sunday Without God:

Currently on episode 4, I should be caught up by the end of the night . The Valley of Death episodes served as great openings to what seems to be a work of art. This show could very well become an outstanding and widely respected anime if it continues to be as enticing and seemingly deep as it has been until now.

High School DxD:

Ecchi, romance, demons. Perfect combination lol. Rias and Akeno naked make for a perfect visual experience. Combined with a surprisingly good plot I really like DxD. I am just about to start DxD New and hopefully catch up in time to watch the last ep.

Haganai: I have no friends:

On episode 7. Comedy, romance, slice of life. This is a great anime because of a relate able story and pretty decent character development. Kodoka, Yozora, Sena and Kobato are all great characters. There is something between Yozora and Kodoka, Sena seemingly has a thing for Kodoka, and Kobato is probably the cutest anime 'little sister' ever. 'Ku-Ku-ku.' This anime is pretty enjoyable and surprisingly once you start you don't want to stop.

p.s. Naruto 647, & Bleach 549 came out. New Naruto ch. this week should be pretty interesting, and new AoT chapter in less than two weeks.
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