Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mirai Nikki


Eh... so I did drop this earlier this year, but I picked it up again just because my old school friends that I met since it's holidays told me that it gets better later on.

It does get better, but you know what? That doesn't say much.

It starts off as a weekly villain vs yuki/no combo which was quite boring and then it's goes FULL ON EDGY

TRAINWRECK. Well of course, I wasn't experienced enough to have "ironic fun" so I dropped back then.

But heck this is hilarious with its manipulation of the audience (prime example is rape) and how forced some sequences are. The parents' - both yuki's and yuno's - action made no sense at all.

I was enjoying it ironically until last two eps where I genuinely enjoyed it. Especially that animation bump was nice to see. 1st and 9th are the best characters. And I have a very soft spot for time alteration/shift and alternative universe things

Anyway, I would've missed out the fun if I hadn't picked this up again since second half was rewarding in a bad way.

5/10 One of the edgiest show


I'm always in for some comedy and more satisfying ending. Although they could've expanded a bit more

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