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The Future Diary / Mirai Nikki (2011-2013) Anime Review

***StartOfLog***Here a review that I didn't thought i do Future Diary or Mirai Nikki.

I found out about this series by total accident by seeing this image on facebook.

So I thought to myself:"so she is like Lucy from Elfen Lied wow she must be brutal" and also thought they kinda look similar as well so i looked the anime up and found the Wikipedia page and I was intrigued about the concept (witch i 'll explain in a moment) then i found the English dub of it done by Funimation so i gave it a watch and now I'm here making this review.

The concept Future Diary is exactly what is sounds like a diary that can predict the future the name of the show is translated perfectly into English mirai =future and nikki =diary.

I have the English dubbed version with some glimpses on the subbed version i will mostly talk about the dubbed version with some mentions of the sub.

Some lines from original were changed for better or for worst you decide but I have enjoyed the dubbed version.

And BTW the dub version of the show is more pervy than the sub version this blows my mind usually the sub or the original version is balls to the walls while the dub wimps out like a little pussy.


The plot of Future Diary involves Deus Ex Machina the God of Time and Space giving 12 people(13 in one version) the power to see in the future with the use of the future diary and those 12 people must fight to death in order to become the new god of time and space and if no replacement is found until the day 90 the world ends .

Deus Ex Machina

A death battle and a contest from a god that sound familiar (i mean those 2 elements sound familiar)

The battle to the death plot reminds me of...well

and the part with a god organizing the contest reminds me ofthe Avatar

wrong avatar let's try again

goddammit even wronger i mean the Avatar fromban Star-Racers

this Avatar ,how many Avatars are there?

I am not saying that this series is a rip-off i am pointing out similar series for you to watch and plus in my opinion this anime is pretty unique with the diaries and with the characters.

Speaking of characters let's talk about them for a bit.


So let's start well with First Yukiteru Amano(Yuki for short ) he is a loner who talk with his then imaginary friend Deus and Muru Muru.Then one day Dues gives his dairy the ability to see into the future without telling him about the survival game.He owns the Random Diary or indiscriminent diary I will talk about his relation with the dairy when talk about the diaries.

Next up is Second Yuno Gasai ,she is a riddle wrapped up in an enigma i won't spoil to much about her here but I will give you the basics : she is at first glance he is Yuki's stalker but she actually loves him she owns the Yukiteru Diary and guess what that does.Her diary kepts track of Yuki's every move, hey you know what's worse that a stalker that takes note of your every move the one that can predict your every move.

Yuno is a very interesting character most of the anime's surprises revolve around her.

And btw this

Yuno's Yandere Face

become a meme on the internet seriously look it on deviantart you'll see tones of parodies of this.

Remember when I said that the anime is about fighting to the death in order to replace Deus well that is major part of the plot but there more like the evolution of the Yuno/Yuki relationship from stalker and victim to lovers.

Now I know that there are more characters on the show but I wanted to focus on our main cast and plus some of them only appear in the show forfew episode for instance 3rd was only in the 1st episode and even fully in it.

The otherdiary users are sympathetic in their ownright except for 1 or 2 and I will talk about him in a moment.

Like i said some of the other users have some sort of a tragic past that led them to this contest some are evil because of something that happened to them while others are stronger a a result of those bad things.

Now let's talk about 11John Bacchus.

If you don't want spoilers don't read this it's kinda hard to talk about him without spoilers so you are still here let's begin

He his the....and I repeat SPOILER ALERT.....the mayor ofSakurami City (the city in witch most of the action takes place )and his diary is called The Watcher (who watches the watchers much ) it doesn't tell his future but it can spy on other diary users say what you are probably wondering how did he get an advance like that well he is the co-creator of the game of course that he will give himself an advance did i mention that he is a politician.

One more then I will talk about something else

9th or Minene Uryu she is just badass in the show.

She is a terroristand uses explosions as her main weapons my favorite quote from her is "dying is for pussies"(she says this in the dub anyway)

Her status in show is all over the place is starts as a villain then hero sort of then villain again then hero again.

BTW she kinda resembles Misato Katsuragi from Evangelion.

Now let's talk about the Diaries since they are one of the most memorable things of the anime.

Their relationship with time has been distorted in order to give the users a window into the future.They were designed by 11 and Deus 11 provided the base concept while Dues provided the power to make them.

The diaries seem to reflect the users personalities for instance Yuki's diary takes note of everything surrounding him but it doesn't notes about his reactions or his feelings thus reflecting his nature as a loner,Yuno's diary take notes of Yuki's every action and his feelings and state since Yuki is the center of her world this makes sense,she barely writes about her.

Now there are some exceptions to the rule about reflecting the personality of the users like 9th for instance she is a terrorist and owns the escape dairywitch doesn't make a lot of sense to me.Wouldn't she write about were to place the explosives for maximum effect or who she'll kill next just saying.


Well i am not music master or anything but I'll give my thoughts on the music.It's good it fits with the atmosphere of the show the sad moments feel sad while when there an action scene it amplifies the awesomeness of set scene.The music does the job right so no complains from me.

While I am in the audio department let's me compare the dub with the sub for bit.While in the sub the voice sound like actual teenagers they seem kinda silly at times (my opinion) they dub has them sound more serious and the voice work is pretty good.


This is an pretty awesome anime, awesome concept, good action ,good characters and some good twists for good measure I can't recommend this anime enough it's pretty good. And please watch the OVA in order to get the true ending and closure and if you can't get enough watch Mirai Nikki Another World it doesn't have the charm of the original but it's okay.To me Future Diary is (until now ) one of the best animes that I've ever seen it's action packed,a gore fest ,a love story and some pretty good SF it's awesome and I love it.

If you want a funny version of the anime watch the abridged series it's pretty funny but watch the anime otherwise you won't get the jokes.


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