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Why Do I Torture Tai So Much?




He does look like he's in heaven of sorts

Tai had been a victim of my story a lot. The first time he was in my story Birth by Sleep, he plays Ventus or Ven, sharing a role with a companion. Now, I am planning a story I want to write anyway despite knowing that it won't get much reviews anyway that would end up traumatizing the players in the story.

One word: Persona. I would be leaning towards a certain game than any other with a central focus on tragedy. Given it's Persona, tragedy would remain a large part of this story.

Despite Persona-users are the heroes of this story, almost all that I knew of from past and present, they are broken from trauma due to the events. They did grow strong though from all the events.

Anyway, Tai...

Ehh, couldn't find the right pic for this.

Taichi "Tai" Yagami or Kamiya in the English Dub was the leader of the Digidestined and grew up to be a politician... I know Tai is a good leader and all, but I can't see Tai in a suit like I can't see Sora as a fashion designer or Matt as an astronaut. I have words for Zero Two ending. I could rant to hell about just how the writers just don't know where they are going with the story; it was all over the place with lack of character development and plot threads left dangling. One of its saving points was Ken and he wasn't able to save the series to some extent. Others can see the flaws on the obvious perfect ending so I'll just allow them to say it...more with JesuOtaku since her views are pretty much leveled compared to other fans.

In Zero Two, he still remains a good leader but passed on the role to Davis or Daisuke. While Sorato is one of the AssPulls I would forever hate, one of its saving graces was Tai letting go of Sora no matter how much that hurts him. It's still clear that he's hurt but he allows love to go gracefully unlike those psychotic love interests like Yuno from Future Diary.

Ahh, the daily life...

In my future story, I plans to have Tai transfer to another school to get away from his friends and family who moved on without him, going to the place where he had once visited with his parents (Kari wasn't born yet so Tai was like a toddler at best) and experienced a car accident that nearly killed them and left them hospitalized for weeks. He transferred without telling anyone except the school faculty and left during April, leaving behind Agumon who he felt will not be a wise choice to his new school, feeling that there is just something there will not be great for Agumon or for any Digimon. Agumon was devastated with Tai moving away and wanted to go but he can't really go due to how faraway and foreign the place really is and the fact everyone is busy to even visit the town (although they respected his decision to move to another school; in his letter before he left, he said that he needed some time away from Odaiba a bit, wanting to see the world which is a lie (not that they thought much of it)). At least they have contact to them even though the school he's going to is very faraway, quite a distance from Tokyo. Little did Tai know, he will be thrown into a battle of Shadows with his new friends in their secret club, SEES.

Yes, everyone will not have their own digimon. To have everyone with a Digimon will defeat a purpose of a Digidestined. Only a selected few could be given a digimon in my opinion. Heck, even Savers/DATS has only a lot of people and some used Digimon for crime, something Zero Two never even thought of.

But I digress...

Anyway, what Tai gonna do in my story doesn't seem original. In another story I reada YGOGX and Digimon crossover, Tai ran away from home to get away from family and friends who just never found him good enough. He reconcile with them later. I decide to take a different route sort of because all the characters that are in SEES are from various anime and some are opposite personalities from the actual SEES. I don't know why but the players in my story are mostly protagonists from other anime, maybe I am more familiar with their characters. I still haven't choose the location of the school yet. I will be keeping some things from Persona 3 (Evoker, Shadows, Apathy Syndrome, erm...that thing) but I still have stuff to make sure that these characters react differently and some circumstances are different too. After all, it would focus on Tai and his new friends, and his old friends and his new friends' on the side.

The anime I am choosing from for SEES are totally different and you don't need beforehand knowledge of those characters and where they came from. No, they are not OC's; again, various protagonists from various anime/manga; all you should know is the name...I'll do their backstory on the actual story since it is AU.

However, this different route is something you had to see for yourself if you read it. I'm still gathering notes in between classes and homework. The classes are killing me.

Anyway, since it's an AU of Zero Two, then the ending would never ever happen. Yes, I am still on about that.

I still haven't gotten to the part why I torture this guy so much...

Perhaps, it was the fact he's hurting inside. For some reason, Tai seems stagnant among his really backwards friends with an exception of a few. He cares for them and they care for him but lately these friends have been going on their own direction (which is nothing wrong) but rather he stayed the same. Him being a politician is totally out of nowhere and had no circumstantial hints towards it; no, being the leader of the gang is just stretching it. I don't think Tai has that much of a passion to become a politician... a soccer coach or a minor philanthropist maybe but not really a politician. Don't get me started on the incredible idiocy of a ramen place landing on Time's front page. Like most fans, I want to ignore it. There are some good things like Cody as a lawyer and the expected futures of Izzy, Kari, Joe, and Ken (no problem with that because he can pick any career he choose really).

Oh, and one thing, writers of Digimon Adventure 02?

You can think of that the ending is canon and all with Sorato and the future of all the Digidestined but you still have no evidence of foreshadowing of any of these events. Almost all are so ludicrous and just so damn cruel to their characters that the bittersweet endings of Adventure, Tamers, and Savers stick out like a sore thumb (meant that both story-wise and character-wise).

While I do not understand the Sorato thing, I don't blame Matt for that. It's Sora's choice.

We fans have to think what happened between Tai and Sora during the time skip.

There is one thing to hate a character but to hate a character due to shipping reasons is just stupid. Shipping is just subjective; people can simply choose to ship due to its "Kawaii!"-ness, "smexiness", canon-based evidence, whatever they are thinking in their minds. I am trying to handle this maturely and trying not to blow up on the faces of such immaturity.

I like stories that show respect for certain characters. Even though I had a hard time making the characters in-character, I can recognize in-character actions which is just plain weird.
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