Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Anime Mondays #38

Hello, hello, hello, friends, how was your week?Mine was pretty fantastic, as I discovered the wonderful world of paid vacation time and how to rock carrying a book on your head while talking to a rockstar.I'd explain that, but it's probably better left unsaid.Instead, I'll talk about ninjas and psychotic killers!Awesome.

All images are from , and there are spoilers up to the episodes listed!


So, remember how I said last time that I wasn't sure whether or not I would like this show?Turns out I really like it.Holy crap, GOOD LUCK GIRL (and for once, I feel like the Japanese title far outshines its American counterpart) is hysterical.It's not filled with too much fanservice to make it unwatchable, and, instead, comes at you with a ton of allusions to other anime, making it a parody that begs to be watched and paid attention to.In fact, I probably would have finished this via marathon, except the day I got back into it was the same one where there were ridiculous tornadoes that knocked out my cable and internet.Way to make me go back to the stone age to watch Blu-Rays all day, weather.Just kidding. Havoc everywhere.But I highly recommend this show.It'll probably get finished over the long weekend.


Last week, I talked about how useless Sakura is as a character.Apparently, the writers of this show must have agreed with me, took a time machine to go back to the past, and inserted AN ENTIRE EPISODE ABOUT HOW USELESS SAKURA IS.And, you know what?All that happens is she cuts off her own hair, bites some dude and then gets kicked in the face a lot.Her friends still have to save her.It was nice to see some fairly interesting flashbacks, but other than that, she's still completely incompetent.Dear random ninjas, please kill her soon.My undying thanks, ~glitterbots.


I had to re-watch the first three episodes on the second DVD set of this show because I wasn't paying attention at all the first time, and I knew that I would probably have to in order to understand this show, or, at the very least, keep straight which diary numbers were assigned to which characters.You know what helped with this?The second opening.Now, I know, the first one is almost universally known as one of the greatest anime openings of all time.I have grown to like the second one better just because you can see all the characters and have either gotten to know them previously or know which ones you need to pay attention to.Also, the lyrics pretty much tell the entire story of the anime.It's true.They said it in the Funimation commentary, okay.And once I realized that, I appreciated how bad ass it really was.In other I-need-to-pay-more-attention news, I didn't realize that Seventh actually shared one diary, as opposed to the two lovebirds each having one, until the very last episode.I'm a dumbass.Anyway, the second half of this series pales in comparison to the first.I had more fun watching it when I didn't try to rationalize what was going on, but still.Holy crap.Like the last five or six episodes, what even happened??All this shit started coming at me from out of nowhere, and it was just a huge clusterfuck.I really wanted to love this, I really did, but as all my favorite characters got killed off, I just started hating it more and more.I wanted to believe that there was a plausible explanation for everything, like Yuno had a twin or Yuki would not be a pussy in the end, but .ugh.And yes, THE ENDING WAS AN ABOMINATION.I would have to track down that OVA to see how it really ended, except I accidentally read spoilers on Wikipedia when I was trying to give a shit about what the fuck had just happened, so now I don't have to.THE FUTURE DIARY could have been a great survival game anime, but turned into one giant hot mess.I ranked it 7/10 on MAL for its first half and my desire to marathon it.I'm still really disappointed, though.


This title came to me via the newest Crunchyroll Mystery Box, where I actually got a lot less duplicates than I did the last time I ordered one.(I did get TWO more copies of that BLUE SUBMARINE movie and yet another EX-DRIVER movie, I think I have like five copies of it now, but I digress.)And um I did "watch" these four episodes, if by watch, you understand that I pretty much had them on in the background while I read a bunch of blogs online late at night.I can't tell you anything about this series other than one of the English voice actresses has my real first name, and that's pretty awesome.Maybe I'll pay more attention to the last episode on the disc, but I wouldn't count on it.That's what happens with most of these mystery box titles.

Best of the Week: GOOD LUCK GIRL

Love it or Leave it: NARUTO, THE FUTURE DIARY

Hope it Gets Better: ELEMENTAL GELADE

Wow, I didn't realize how short and sweet this would be.I guess that's what happens when your weekend gets packed.PS: Catching Fire was even better than The Hunger Games, even if the theater we went to was sold out of Peeta cups.If you're in the US, have a happy Thanksgiving!This is the first Black Friday I won't be working in six years.HAPPY THANKSGIVING, INDEED.
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