Tuesday, November 26, 2013

King of Thorn Review

A bunch of people awaken from a cryogenic sleep and struggle to survive.

Survival stories in anime and manga generally don't enthuse me much because they're all pretty similar to each other. But King of Thorn seems slightly more character driven than others. A bunch of them had clear goals and development which is always nice to see.

The reason why the characters were put into a cold sleep was to escape a deadly virus known as the Medusa virus and hope that they would find a cure in the future.The story behind Medusa and what its effects were pretty cool. Naturally it had its share of cheesy moments, but it's manga. It was also good that King of Thorn was rather short as its story was paced well and never dragged on. It's a decent quick read.

* STORY - C - Generic but entertaining.

* CHARACTERS - C - Unmemorable but some had good development.

* ART - B



Recommendations: Cage of Eden,Future Diary
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