Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Anime recomendations part 1

For all the people! i did romance, horror, and comedy. i will do the rest of the genres in part 2



say i love you- this beautiful series takes a interesting perspective of a bullied girl who has never once had a friend. after a misunderstanding with the most popular guy in school thing in her life take a twist!


sekai ichi hatsuoi- Ristu, a closet homosexual goes into the manga section in his dads publishing company. after a while he realizes his boss was his lover in high school! will there relationship form back again?


girlfriends(manga)- i know im sorry its not a anime ==' but all good yuri is manga! anyways this story is about two highschool girls who fall in love with each other! they keep their relationship secret as they travel the path or true love.(this series is amazing!~)


mirai nikki (future diary)- This series is a lot like the hunger games BUT ITS BETTER!!! (did you know hunger games copied off of a manga called battle royal?) Yuki never had any friends. the only thing he had was a diary he kept on his phone and his imaginary friends who turned out to be VERY real. one day when he checks his phone there are records for the future! shorty after he is hunted by a serial killer where his (serial killer) stalker yuno gasai comes to the rescue. shortly afterward he is summoned to a area where he and 11 other people are told they must kill each other off with their own unique diarys. the last one standing will be god of the universe.

elfen lied- this series is amazing! even though the anime left off at a huge cliffhanger- its worth your while. a species called the diclonions meant to annihilate the human race inhabits earth. when a diclonion escapes from a lab where she was tortured she gets pelted in her head scrambling her personality in two parts. one is a innocent girl who knows nothing of the world. the other thirsts to kill every human in sight. what will happen if the boy that takes her in realizes SHE KILLED HIS PARENTS AND SISTER IN FRONT OF HIM???


watamote- okay this anime i fell in love with! in matter of fact i'm rewatching it as we speak (as i write and you read). This series is about a girl who has no friends and is a complete and utter loser. this story is about this young little otaku and her trials to be popular. i won't say if she achieves it or not but i will say this story had me laughing so hard i fell off my bed to moments where i just wanted to hug tomoko-chan!

that all of 'em. hope you enjoyed.
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