Thursday, October 17, 2013

Deadman Wonderland Review

A teenage boy is incarcerated in a notorious and deadly prison.

Deadman Wonderland is somewhat reminiscent of the hyperviolent OVAs that were constantly churned out in the 80s. The "horror" is in the atrocious acts of violence and physical damage inflicted onto the characters. At first it seemed scary, but as it continued it became less scary and more ridiculous and overkill-y.

The two central leads are hardly inspiring. One is a wimpy high school boy who, of course, is special due to his special brand of magic powers. The other is an albino girl with a split personality. Both of which are stereotypical and annoying. The relationship between the two is also dumb. Everyone else has one personality trait.

The story progressed into something that I wasn't expecting in a bad way. It kept growing stupider. And as always, I was unhappy with the ending. Everything always wraps up too well.

* STORY - F - Dumb.

* CHARACTERS - F - Bland and annoying leads.

* ART - B - I liked it.


* OVERALL - F - Why does everyone like this?

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