Friday, July 12, 2013

- Watching new anime

It's been ages updating this blog, due to the final exams I wrote about last time and also due to a lot of catching up with friends and relatives. My younger brother finished and passed his highschool finals last week so we had to throw a party also, holidays are coming up pretty soon and I've been making plans with friends and family.

As for today's conent. I haven't been adding too much new material to my Kanji Decks but I have been watching a ton of anime and reading some manga. I normally use but since Im quite the graphics-admirer I started downloading HQ versions. As for Manga, the sites I use for raw downloads areor . Unfortunately, getting to the download link is quite a hassle but the database is vast and overall good quality scans. Worth checking out. Last week I added some anime to my collection:

-(Code Geass) I already finished this one. It has 2 seasons with a total of 40 episodes if I remember correctly. It's set in a postmodern world where Britannia (England/Usa?) has taken over most of the world. A Japanese student, our main antagonist, obtains Geass, an ocular power which can be used to control people, which he insists on putting to good use and ending the Britannian reign. It instantly reminded me of Death Note and has similar plot twists, but doesn't get anywhere close to the level of detail. The story shifts to 1 year later after the cliffhanger final from season 1, but has an amazing end. Definitely worth watching.

-(Hyouka = Ice cream) Currently on the 6th or 7th episode. The title doesn't say anything about the story concerning actual ice cream, but is a play on words since the pronounciation of 'ice cream' and 'I scream' are practically identical. Interesting take on the perception of English by Japanese. (this all has nothing to do with the content of the anime though haha). It's about a student who joins high school and generally doesn't want to waste energy on anything, even though he is a mastermind. Some friends get him involved in little 'mysteries' every day which he continous to solve despite thinking it's all a waste of time. Incredible quality and not too bad of a storyline so far.

-(Mirai Nikki = Future Diary) you guessed it, this anime is about a boy's diary which at one point starts revealing future events. Later, more diary owners get introduced with their own special diaries. Also, the second main character (Yuno) is creepy as hell, borderline psychopath, which makes for an interesting story as well.

-(Bakemonogatari = ghost story) Which is a pretty neat play on words in the title.= bakemono and means monster or ghost, whilemeans story so instead of saying Bake mono no monogatari the kanjiwas used as a portmanteau for both! Anyway, It involves another high school student who happens to be a 'vampire'. And don't worry, this is nothing like Twilight or conventional vampires. Also, it doesn't take a major role in the storyline. The series is mostly focused on dialogue and has some interesting graphical techniques. The language is either really hard to understand or badly translated. Worth watching if you like interesting dialogue and something abstract. I dropped it quite a while back but I'm still intrigued enough to go back and pick it up again.

Phew. I actually managed to write a good bit on something tonight, however useless it may be gonna continue Anki practice. I'm using the , which are individual words, each having an examplary phrase, and later on combines words to make new phrases that are more difficult. Hiragana readings are shown and every word has 4 or 5 flashcards, from English to Japanese and the other way around. It also uses pictures and every phrase has recorded speech fragments from native speakers. It is definitely the best deck I have found so far!

Also, I've gotten quite active on facebook communities and blogs concerning Japanese Learners. Social media are a good way of being consistent about learning languages and are a great and quick tool if you have questions

That's it for tonight. I'll make sure to write some more after my final exam (statistics :O) this thursday.Mackx
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