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[Review] Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

The most popular image of Yuno is overused, so I'll use this one instead.

I'm almost two years late to watching this series (mainly because I refuse to watch a series until all the Blu-Rays come out; unless the series is known to not be worth it, due to being an upscale), but I must say, this is one heck of an Anime. I knew right away after watching the first episode that I'd absolutely love this Anime, but HATE the main character, Yukiteru Amano. I know it's quite common to dislike the main protagonist of an Anime (especially the male ones), but this is something beyond any level of tolerance.

As per usual, there will be minor spoilers here and there. But not any spoilers that wasn't already obvious from the images and screenshots all over the internet.

Reasons why is a terrible :

* He is a pussy. Common trait (Also, he cries too much, which is uncommon, no?).

* He is indecisive. Common trait.

* He has no pride. Uncommon trait.

* He has morals, but does not have the actions to back up his beliefs. Uncommon trait.

* He isn't badass. Common trait among male protagonists nowadays.

* He has a wonderful psychopathic lover (Gasai Yuno, the other protagonist, which is debatable) who will do anything for him, but he won't believe 90% of what she says. She has a future diary dedicated to you, does things only for you, and really, she truly has eyes only for you. You DIPSHIT!

* He wears shorts 95% of the time with his horrendous long socks, which is not appealing in the least.

Reasons why is an awesome protagonist:

* She is strong-spirited; never gives up. Common trait.

* She is quick to make decisions best for the parties involved. Common trait?

* She protects the one she loves no matter what happens. Common trait.

* She does more than the main protagonist does. Uncommon trait.

* She is a bloody psychopath. Uncommon trait.

* She is hot. Common trait.

* She is cruel, which is even hotter. Uncommon trait.

* She has two ponytails, something I actually very much dislike in girls (more so pigtails), and is still hot. Uncommon trait.

* She has pink hair. Not hot pink. Still hot.

* I think we're getting out of hand now.

We also have Kousaka. Look at the confidence he's emitting! Brilliant!

Reasons why is an awesome character:

* Brilliant!

Reasons why is an awesome character:

* She's sly.

* She's hot.

Mur Mur and Deus Ex Machina, the "Game Masters" of the "Survival Game."

Moving on to the ANIME review,

* SEASON COUNT: 1 + ()



* There were scenes where the artwork and animation seemed inferior, which was understandable. I will say, the scenes were spectacularly done, overall. Brilliant!


* Besides what I've mentioned of Yukiteru and Yuno, the characters were all an interesting bunch. You eventually meet new characters (as you would in any series). One of the characters always has this smirk on his face, and I rarely was ever able to get a screenshot of a different facial expression on his face. Then we have Kousaka, pictured above Tsubaki. Brilliant!

* , who is dubbed as God in this Anime universe, is pretty well done. Watch it and you'll see why I say it.

* Mur Mur, his "servant," is one sneaky bastard. She's lovable, though.


* Where do I even begin? The director and/or writer sure knows how to blow the minds of viewers. Each time I think to myself, "no more surprises in this episode?" I get corrected very soon after. This Anime has plenty of action, drama, and definitely nailed the thriller aspect of it. Has some mystery going on, too. Brilliant!

* While the overall idea was amazingly well played, there were plenty of questionable aspects that occurred in the series. I'd mention them all here, but they're blatant spoilers. If anything, I guess I can say, the "power" of these Future Diaries kind of contradict one another, if not Deus Ex Machina himself.


* The opening and ending theme songs are perfect. Nothing much else to say regarding that.

* Then we have the BGM. Um... Brilliant!


* If not for Yukiteru being a little bitch, I'd watch this series again. Kind of like how makes me never want to watch the amazing Anime, ever again. But then again, it wouldn't be the same without him. I'd watch Fate/Zero again and again, though. Shirou's father, , is the polar opposite of him. He's a badass, but I digress. Anyhow, it wouldn't be the same without Yukiteru or Yuno. Yukiteru because Yuno is nothing without him, unfortunately... I love that crazy nutcase, and you would/will, too. In a sense, she definitely pulled this series together fabulously. If it was Yukiteru and someone else, I wouldn't be as into this series. Oh, Yuno... Brilliant!

* I'd recommend this series to just about anyone. No doubt in my mind.

I should add, the characters all get better as the episodes fly by. Eventually, you may develop mixed feelings between all of the characters... I know I did.

Just look at her. Doesn't this just make you want to give her a big ol' hug?
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