Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Anime Wrap Up and 2014 Backlog Goal

Happy new year!What are you looking forward to in 2014?Personally, I've got another Disney vacation in the planning stages and a move.Ooh, scary.Also, I want to spend as much time with my baby nieces as possible unfortunately, they live in a different time zone, but I'll figure something out.I've got my anime backlog project to keep me busy, and here is the starting number:

That's right.240 anime currently being watched.(It would have been 241, but I finished something this morning.Whoops.)I will not go over this number.I'd like to cut it down to 200 by the end of the year, but I have no idea if that's even possible.

As for 2013, I finished more than I thought.After a few calculations (aka: I scrolled through all my Anime Mondays post and counted off all the shows I marked as completed), I figured out my magic number of shows I finished: 32.Of course, that includes 7 short OVA series and movies, but that's still pretty good.As you can see, I never finish anything.I have to beat last year by 8 titles to hit my goal, and I'm pretty sure I only have a couple OVA series in my list, which means I have to watch entire series.The countdown is on.

Speaking of countdowns, here is a list of my favorite anime of 2013.Please keep in mind that these may not have been made in 2013, but they are ones I finished.Feat in itself.How about seven of them.Does that sound good?Anything to put in a NANA reference.


I almost put DIABOLIK LOVERS here, but I cared about this show so much that I made an actual review on it, so BTOOOM! wins.My love for the survival game premise knows no bounds, and even with an unfinished ending, this deserved a place on my top list.Sure, it was OVER said top on multiple occasions, but where else can you watch a bunch of people chuck bombs at each other and get a love story out of it?Don't say FUTURE DIARY.That got left off the list for its shitty ending.I guess unfinished trumps shitty.


What did I tell you?It's like survival game-a-palooza up in here.I watched this show weekly, and it was the only one of the season where I screamed at my tv wanting more immediately.I really hope the game sequel gets an anime because I need more Junko in my life ASAP.Also, this has one of the best ending sequences I've seen in a long time.It was decidedly simple, but I loved that moment when the camera panned out and you got to see who had gotten killed and what they were like before the shit hit the fan.And the song THE SONG.I loved it.


It was between this or MY LITTLE MONSTER to put in the #5 spot, and although they are both pretty similar, SAY 'I LOVE YOU' made the cut.I loved the premise of this show, and it reminded me of one of my favorites, KIMI NI TOKDOKE, but with a less annoying female protagonist.And I love Yamato.I have no shame.He has absolutely everything, but he loves Mei, and that's all that matters.It did start to fall apart some towards the end, but if you like the shoujo romance shows, you should not skip this one.


Speaking of shoujo romances ugh.I LOVE LOVELY COMPLEX.It's right up there with NANA as one of my favorites of all time.I've said it before, but Risa is pretty much me in anime form.So if anyone wants a really tall girl who doesn't give up, please, take my number.I don't have a thing for bunnies, though.Anyway, this show made me cry more times than I am willing to admit, so you know it's got to be a lot.It also has one of the best anime kisses ever and it gives me the feels.You know.Lord.All the underground hype for this show is completely worth it.


Yup, this is a movie, but what a fantastic movie.Firstly, it's entirely scored in Daft Punk music.Secondly, it takes place mostly in space, and I DON'T HATE IT.And, lastly, it's about a band, which I always love.If you watch one anime movie in the next few months, this should be it.Find it while you can, because, sadly, it's going out of print.I could watch this every week and not get bored.My love for INTERSTELLA knows no bounds.


This was the longest series I completed in 2013, and it only got finished because it was SO GOOD.I could not stop watching this.Death the Kid has one of my favorite character designs of any anime ever, and even if the ending is kind of bogus, I still loved this show.And there is a spin-off coming!Here's to hoping it has a few cameos from the original cast.And I think I'm the only person who didn't think Black Star was annoying.I should get a medal.


Best show of my 2013 hands down.No contest.PENGUINDRUM had absolutely everything I could have ever asked for in an anime wrapped up into two awesome box sets.It's got the sense of fucked up that I like, has beautiful characters, a psychological storyline, and PENGUINS.YEAH, PENGUINS.Seriously, though, it won't be for a lot of people, but it was my most favorite thing.I encourage everyone to watch this, but only if you're prepared to get your mind fucked for hours upon hours.If that's your cup of tea, you won't be sorry.

And I have definitely posted way too often this week.I'll be back on Monday with my first completed show of the year.Spoiler: it wasn't a very good one.
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