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Mirai Nikki

Mirai Nikki (lit. Future Diary) is the pinnacle of twisted Anime by far and was one of the most notable Anime titles to air in 2011. This spiral of madness has a runtime of 26 episodes and is rated "R" for reasons that I will get to later on. I did a mistake of recommending this to a good friend of mine, , without watching it since I thought it had an interesting premise from all the reviews and screenshots that I came across in my daily surfings of the internet. I have never regretted recommending anything before this. Ever.


Now don't get the wrong idea, Mirai Nikki is actually pretty good from the very beginning down to the last episode. However, due to the huge amounts of controversial content in what seems like every single episode of it, this is NOT something that everyone can watch. The "R 17+" is there for a reason. To make things absolutely clear, this Anime gathered portions from different issues that many will find disturbing, immoral, and/or completely unacceptable. This includes:

-Grotesque murder scenes and ripping off body parts (including children as victims).-Uncensored nude and sex scenes (with underagers committing the latter).-The recurring theme of rape.-A little instance of BL.

These occurrences have made Mirai Nikki unwatchable for many, however, this doesn't mean that this is a bad Anime. The thing is, they were smart enough to add these things as peripherals instead of making them the main theme. Had it been otherwise, Mirai Nikki would've become a horrible title given the rating of a 2 out of 10. (Just imagine it being all about the Sixth story, I would've been writing a flame-review instead!)


But what about the good side of Mirai Nikki? You know, the one that made reviewers give it a 9 or 10 out of 10? Luckily, there are many things that made it deserve such a high rating. (Personally, I think it deserves more ofan 8 / 10 though).

Characters (As unspoilered a descriptions as possible)

Mirai Nikki offers a colourful and interesting set of characters with remarkable character development taken into consideration. You have your reluctant cowardly protagonist and his Yandere stalker, a ruthless murderer, a cunning detective, a disturbed child, a shrine maiden, a retro couple, a motherly figure, a terrorist bomber, a dog breeder, a technology-loving mayor, and a crazy hero wannabe. Throw all these misfits in a battle royale survival game and that's the gist of this Anime. (My personal favourite was the terrorist bomber, this character's development is too much to be ignored).


You'd think that it's just a purposeless "murder everyone!" type of anime but believe it or not it actually has a very good story. An introvert addicted to writing his diary on his mobile forced to participate in a killing game with twelve other crazies to achieve divinity and create a world of their liking. Facing the challenge of staying alive when everyone's after him and doubting the intentions of his devoted stalker who won't hesitate to finish off anyone threatening her precious "Yukki" (Believe me you'll hear too much of it) while secrets of their twisted pasts are revealed and many sacrifices are being made. The series gets too deep around the last five episodes and is concluded with an epic ending. Tell me you're not interested even a little.

Opening and Ending themes

Leave the soundtrack aside, I'd like to point out these two instead. Plus the insanity-inducing tracks picked for this department, I believe the people who made these three AMVs did the best job in portraying the world of Mirai Nikki solely through the opening and second ending themes. (The first ending doesn't really have that much of an immersive effect). Perfect, just perfect.



I wouldn't recommend this to anyone. I've seen it all, and it wasn't nice. If you're into nice stuff then turn to the opposite direction and run as far as you feet can carry you. Nonetheless, this isn't a complete abomination. It is interesting to an extent, and if you overlook all the inappropriate nonsense then you're in for a really good story. I'd say don't watch it but hey, - I don't know where I'm going with this.

There you have it, Mirai Nikki:Story {10/10} Art {9/10} Soundtrack {7/10} OP & ED {9.5/10}Character {10/10} Enjoyment {6/10} Overall {8/10}

I'm going to watch a really moe Anime to soothe myself now.
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