Sunday, December 22, 2013

Write you own Future!

I recently re-read a book from 1980 titled Future Diary, by Mark Victor Hansen (co- author of Chicken Soup for the Soul and many other books).There are many great points in this book about goal setting and some tips and techniques to develop effective goal setting.

One part of the book that I particularly liked was early in the book.Mr. Hansen wrote about how we all daydream and think about the great deeds we will do, how famous we will be, how many homeruns we will hit, and all those wonderful things that seem so possible and uncomplicated when we are children.The point he makes is that the one "magic" tool we didn't know how to use was the principle of writing it down.As he points out, we grow up and leave our childhood dreams and goals behind in most cases, and often we leave behind our enthusiasm for living like we lived as children with a "no mountain too high" attitude.

For many of us goal setting has become a dull, meaningless routine that some supervisor or corporate VP has thrust upon us.We often look at it as a time where we box ourselves into a corner.We may feel that we were forced into agreeing with someone else's goals, which are often unattainable in our minds.I doubt there are many of us in that type of situation who can say that they are "enthusiastically" devoting a major part of their workday to meeting those goals.

Mark Victor Hansen proposes that you write down your personal goals.You can't have too many!And not just business goals, but goals for your family, your health, your spiritual side.They should be YOUR goals.Don't worry about prioritizing the goals; your mind will do it for you. As you complete each goal write "Victory" next to it.The goals will become magnets that pull you toward meeting them.

Mr. Hansen recounts a story to illustrate his ideas.In 1974 he started speaking professionally.One of his goals became to have his own television show.He didn't have the money to cover the production costs associated with starting up that sort of project.But, nine years later, he got a call from a local cable television station that wanted to do the Mark Victor Hansen Show.His response: "Thank you.I've been expecting your call."

It's the fourth quarter of the year.Why not start working on your goals right now?You can hit the ground running on January 1.And remember, these aren't your one year goals; these are your life goals - much more important.Put a lot of thought into them.

"Nothing happens unless first we dream."

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